Reprise of :
aka: Take 2....

Shown here is the plans ( from January 2011) for the self contained studio  using the ebay photos of the gear I was waiting to arrive or still bidding on, and compiled in  photoshop.

Aprox planned size estimate:
5' wide
2' deep
6' high

Below is what happened...


A run to Home Depot, gathered about a dozen 2x2s and about 20 2x1s, screws, finishing nails... and began to pretend like I was a carpenter...

The frame work begins.

Trying to manifest the vision..

I'm not a carpenter, and it took me a couple of nights just to get the framework right. Had to take apart and redo several times before I got things lining up right.

Consist of 3 separate frames. Then secured secured together with long screws and a couple brackets.
This enables it to come apart easily into 3 main pieces if need be for transport.

Starting to face it..

Had a damaged, but full sheet of wallboard, and a lot of short scraps of cedar from the Nickies Lounge remodel  and put it to use in my studio project.

Put a couple pieces of equipment in place to insure fit.

The back and several sides of the structure at the level where the equipment is housed will remain exposed for ventilation, and for easy access to wires and cables. But will not be visible.

Coming Together

The desktop and roof are constructed separately and then secured to the rest of the framework.

So now the structure is disassemble into a total of 5 separate sections.

The pictures are deceiving.. but the areas above and below the equipment housings are about a foot deep, except for the center areas which is only about 8" deep.
This becomes more evident in other pictures...
A couple weeks later

Things slowed down, I've just been pickin' at it, trimmed it out with more cedar scrap. Stared at it a lot, contemplating, adding little stuff here and there.. poking along, not getting much done really... at least not very fast.. but it never came to a complete stop.

Took apart a digital alarm clock from the thrift store for $3 and encased it in a strip of cedar and attached to the structure for my "studio clock". Did the same thing with some VU meters which aren't hooked to anything yet.
Added some shelves and built in a 4-sleeved paper organizer there on left. Constructed a wood stand to hold my mixer up at an angle.

Emailed a drawing to a guy on ebay (Daves Signs) to cut a little sign from pine.. It's wasn't automated, he does it all manually using his saws. I had to widen the top to accommodate it in a way it looked good.

When I first put the sign in place it looked real good. The color of the pine blended in well with the board I glued it to, but still was prominent.
Then later I went and screwed it up by dabbing gold paint on it.. It still looks good, but it looked better before. Now the contrasting colors between the sign and the back wood emphasize small imperfections that were unnoticeable before. I consider taking off the backboard and painting it to compensate the change - but decided to leave well enough alone before I ruin it all!

The little 1/2" wooden letters were the last available belonging to some fraternity.. They only had one "B" left, so I used an "8" to spell "Broadcast"! - I'll fix that later.

The damn mic arm springs are so strong it wouldn't stay where I position it, not even when I put the hammer in the shockmount to weight it. But it just wants to straighten up in full force. After these pictures I took two of the 4 springs off, and now it moves and stays the wherever I position it.
I'm probably doing something wrong.. never had a boom mike before.


The Actual Dimensions

From furthest point to furthest point:

From front of desktop to back of studio:



A clearer picture..
Opposite angle shot..
Where it's going..

This is where it's going to go, 'Alexanders Check Cashing' on Butler Ave, in the business district area of Tybee Island, GA..
 It's the little green and white building with the dollar signs on it. The rest of the video is exploring the roof trying to determine where best to install the AM1000 Rangemaster transmitter.


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